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Shenzhen Yijiahui Technology Co.,ltd was found in 2010, with Registered Capital of 50 million RMB. The factory is located in Inner Mongolia that measures an area of 60000©O.

The factory owns worldwide know-how and patents for Ni-MH High-Power battery of American Ovonic Battery Company, adapting Ni-MH high-power battery production processes from Sanoh Co. Japan. Ni-MH high-power battery automatic assembly line and quality testing equipment were all imported from USA and Japan. It can annually produce 7 million sets of D size Ni-MH high-power battery, which is the largest Ni-MH high-power battery manufacturer and has the most advanced technology in China. The Ni-MH high-power battery we produce, column type Ni-MH high-power battery including type D, type C and type SC and square type Ni-MH high-power battery, has a good performance and consistency. With the world¡¯s leading and domestic top main performance indexes, it can be widely used as a power supply in HEV, mining equipment, stored energy equipment, electric bicycles, power tools, railway, fish vessel, etc.

Now our Shenzhen branch Campany expand the business that specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing the high power LED flashlight, LED Headlight, LED Working Light, UV flashlights, hunting flashlights etc. We have developed more than 250 types of products which are widely used in military, police, security, outdoors, household, office, etc. Our products are exported to all around the world, such as Europe, Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East and Australia and etc.To make sure the goods are well produced and kept qualified, we have a full range of advanced production facilities, such as the testing equipments, prcision die-casting machine, integrating sphere, discharge and over charge testing machines for battery and etc. We also have a strict quality control stardard. From sourcing raw materials to packing mass products, we strictly control the quality on every part to make sure that the customers will receive the satisfied products. On basis of such process and starndard, we achieve the customers affirm and more market

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